AIDS Researcher to Speak at UM on March 11, 2010

Israel and Latin America: Pioneering AIDS Education
Dr. Inon Schenker
March 11, 2010
7:00 pm
SPH1 Rm 1755

La Salud, a student organization at UM, is bringing in a speaker from Israel named Dr. Inon Schenker to deliver a keynote lecture entitled, “Israel and Latin America: Pioneering AIDS Education”. Dr. Schenker, a Senior HIV/AIDS Prevention Specialist and a Global Health Consultant, was among the pioneers who introduced school education for HIV prevention in Latin America through a unique initiative involving Central American countries, such as Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Peru, Ecuador, and more. In his presentation, Dr. Schenker will describe the current HIV/AIDS epidemic in Latin America, share untold stories of AIDS politics in the continent, and relate amazing remarkable of misinterpretations of words and colors as education systems in the Americas began reacting to the pandemic. One of the highlights of his talk will be the exposure of the special bond in the quest for AIDS prevention developed between Israel and countries in Latin and Central America.


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