EMC Speaker Series hosts Mr. Donald Tong, Hong Kong Commissioner for Economic and Trade Affairs

The Ross EMC will be hosting Mr. Donald Tong, Hong Kong Commissioner for Economic and Trade Affairs on Oct 14, 2009 at 4.30 pm in R1230.

Mr. Tong will be speaking on the topic: Hong Kong Today and Beyond: Economy and Opportunities. Reception to follow talk.

Mr. Tong will address these questions:

• How has the global financial crisis affected Hong Kong economically?

• What are the challenges and opportunities facing the city, given the current economic and political environment in Asia?

• How can managers leverage Hong Kong’s unique position to expand their businesses in China and the rest of Asia?

As Commissioner, Mr Donald Tong Chi-keung directs the HKSAR Government’s efforts in promoting US-Hong Kong economic and trade ties, and constituency-building activities in the US. Immediately prior to this appointment, he was Deputy Secretary for Home Affairs, responsible for policy formulation on development of social enterprise and youth, promotion of civic education and human rights, regulation of gambling, legal aid, religious and data privacy matters. This event is sponsored by Center for International Business Education (CIBE), Center for Chinese Studies, and co-hosted by EMC and IPSA.


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